Local Lead Generation Website Design

As with any business, you should always be looking to outsource tasks when it is cost effective. This is especially true when it comes to website design for a small site.

If you already have an example of the design, you can have the site redesigned for around $10 on UpWork.com.

At that price, it doesn’t make any sense to learn website design and create them yourself.

Finding Sites to Redesign

Since designing a site from scratch will cost more and take longer, we will search for sites on Google that can serve as templates.

However, we do not want to copy the sites exactly because Google may see that as duplicate content. We want the site to be used as a template that we can give to a web designer to redesign and make some changes.

Also, be sure to pick sites that are ranking on the first page. That is a good sign that Google already likes the site structure.

The site should also be mobile responsive. You can tell if a site is responsive by clicking on the button with 2 boxes in the top right corner of your browser, as shown below.


After clicking on this button, the browser will decrease in size. If the site is responsive, it will decrease in size as well to match the size of the browser screen.

When you drag the edge of the browser to increase or decrease the size, the site will adjust with it. The menu on the site will usually change as well.

Electrician Example

For our electrician example, we would search for small electrician sites in other areas/states. We do not want to use sites in the same area that we are targeting because those are our competitors.

Since our example is targeting Colorado, we could choose another state to search for sites. Let’s pick Missouri.

The keyword electricians columbia mo has a small electricians site ranked at #4 midwayelectricinc.com.

serp results

As you can see in the screenshot below, it is a small site with a simple design.

website design

The site is also mobile responsive. When the browser is decreased, the site adjusts accordingly as shown below.

responsive design

So we will give this site to a web designer to redesign and make changes.

Posting a Job

First, you need to sign up here for a client account on UpWork.

After you have completed the sign up process, you can post a job to hire a freelance web designer. Simply click on the Post Job button after signing into your account.

Then select the Part-time or short-term work, or flexible/not sure option.

Now you will reach a page where multiple options need to be completed.

Under Choose a category and subcategory, select Web, Mobile & Software Dev and then Web & Mobile Design.


Then type in a title and job description, such as in the example below. You can use the search function at the top of UpWork to search for similar job postings. This will also give you an idea of what to enter in the description. Don’t waste too much time on this as many freelancers are applying for several jobs and just skim over the description.

Be sure to emphasize that it is a simple redesign job for a small HTML site (3-5 pages). You do not want the freelancers thinking it is a complex job, which will result in high bids.


Next, select Ongoing project, Website Designer, and I want to hire one freelancer.


Then select I have designs and I am new to hiring for this type of work. Below that select some of the skills that are required for the job.


Select Pay a fixed price and then enter the budget per site (around $10). You can then select either Intermediate for the experience level.


The rest of the options on the page are already set or do not need to be selected. Although, you can enter some Screening Questions if you like, such as asking them about their availability.

Then click Post Job or Preview to check over your work and then post the job.

Hiring a Freelancer

You should get several applicants within a day since it is an easy job for an experienced web designer.

Take a look at their previous reviews and their portfolios of past work. Also, eliminate those who have bid much higher than the quoted budget.

You can narrow down the list by selecting the hide option to hide applicants you do not want to hire.

After you have narrowed down the list, it is time to interview applicants and let them know more about the job.

You can use the messaging system on UpWork or use Skype to ask questions.

Ask them about their experience and how many revisions they will offer for the site. Most freelancers offer multiple revisions.

Let them know more about the job. Give them the site you want redesigned and tell them you need it redesigned to match your domain.

You only need a 3-5 page site, so let the freelancer know how many pages you want for the site.

As you can see in our example earlier of midwayelectricinc.com, the site has more than 5 pages. So in this case we would let the freelancer know that not all of those pages will be included.

You can use some of the existing inner pages or come up with different titles and articles on your own.

In our example, we could just use the Home, Services, and About pages. Or we could break down the Services page into different services, such as residential and commercial services.

So instead we could have Home, Residential Services, Commercial Services, and About pages. You could also not have an About page and just the services pages.

It is up to you on what and how many pages to include (3-5 pages recommended). Just be sure to mix it up some and not have all your sites look the same.

Here are some other changes that need to be made with the site:

  • Replacing all mentions of existing business names
  • Changing the logo to match the domain
  • Changing and renaming images
  • Replacing old business information with the new business information
  • Re-ordering/changing sidebar widgets
  • Changing the content/articles on each page (content will be provided)
  • Maintain responsive functionality while making changes

Be sure to emphasize that all mentions of existing business names and addresses need to be replaced with your information. This includes file names and site links.

Depending on the negotiation, you may also need to provide the new images that will be used on the site to keep the cost down. It should not take that long to find new images by simply searching images on Google with keywords related to your niche.

This price does not include the content/articles that will be replaced on the site. Each page will require a new article to be written. This is discussed in the next step.

Only have the freelancer design one site to start with so you can get an idea of their work.

If you are pleased, you can hire the freelancer to design more sites. If not, try out another applicant and see how it goes. You may have to hire a few web designers before finding one you like.

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