Selling Local Leads: Easy Client Acquisition Tips

After your site has ranked at the top of the page and is receiving several calls, it is time to call small businesses to sell qualified calls.

This step may seem a little intimidating at first if you don’t have experience in sales or selling over the phone.

Fortunately, selling leads/referrals is much easier than selling other services to businesses, such as SEO or web design services.

Businesses are always looking to gain more customers. On the other hand, only a few businesses are looking for SEO or web design services at a given time.

I was terrible at sales calls when I first started. However, I still closed on a fairly high percentage of the calls simply because I was directly providing business owners with more customers.

Sales Script

There is no need for a long sales script or advanced sales techniques when it comes to selling referrals. Just keep it simple.

Here is an example of a sales call script below. You can tweak it to fit your niche and the business you are calling.

“I’m <Your Name> with <Name of Your Business>. I have some <Your Niche> referrals in the <City You’re Targeting> area if you’re interested in taking them?”

If you do not want to use a business name, you can just give them your name. Although, it does sound a lot more professional to use a business name.

You do not have to actually incorporate a business, but you should at least buy the domain name for your business name. Just come up with some business names and check to see if the domain name is available.

Some business owners may look up the business/domain name online, so it is a good idea to create a site for the domain. It only has to be a one page site with a simple design.

Just search on Google for sites that provide online business services or leads to small businesses. Then give one of the sites to your web designer to use as a template for designing a one page HTML site.

After the site is designed, upload it to one of your DigitalOcean droplets as shown in the Site Creation module.

Again, it’s optional to use a business name and/or create your own business site when first starting out. You should consider it at some point though when you expand your business. This will look more professional.

Now back to the sales script. Here is an example of the sales script using a name, business name, location and the electricians niche.

“I’m John Doe with Online Solutions. I have some electrician referrals in the Loveland area if you’re interested in taking them?”

This is a direct and simple script that is not too aggressive and does well with contractors and small business owners.

You can tweak it as needed. For instance, if you are calling businesses with secretaries answering the phone, you could say would your business be interested in taking them instead of if you’re interested in taking them.

Remember to always make tweaks to see what works best with certain niches and businesses.


Here are some tips to use when making calls.

Use the term referrals instead of leads. Contractors and small business are more familiar with the term referral. In fact, it is not uncommon for contractors to send referrals to other contractors.

Using call tracking (discussed in the next step) or Pay Per Call network tracking, you can get an idea of how many calls the site receives per week (or month). You can mention this amount to the businesses to give them an idea of how many calls they can expect to receive, and as a selling point.

Emphasize that only high-quality calls are counted as referrals (such as calls at least 30 seconds long).

To make the deal even more enticing, you can offer a free trial. For example, you could forward calls for free to their business for 5 or 7 days.

Once the free trial ends, you will need to call the business owner back to see if they want to continue receiving referrals for a fee. You may want to charge a small deposit (such as $100) to ensure that the business owner is serious about paying for the referrals (qualified calls).

This deposit would go towards the first month’s bill.


If you do not want to make sales calls or do not want to spend the time making the calls, you can outsource this task. However, this will obviously cut into your profits.

Post a job on Craigslist or UpWork to find someone qualified to make sales calls.

Preferably, you want to find someone with experience. Although, finding an experienced salesman on a low budget is not always an easy task.

Emphasize in the job description that customers are being sold to small businesses, so it should be an easy sell. Speak with candidates on the phone or Skype to get an idea of their skills regarding sales calls.

You can have the salesman contact businesses and offer the free trial deal.

After the free trial is over, the salesman will then ask the business owner if he or she wants to continue receiving referrals for a fee. A $100 deposit will also be requested.

If the offer is accepted, the salesman will be paid the $100 deposit.

Your email and/or phone number will be provided to the business owner for additional questions.

The salesman will also need to give you the business owner’s email address so you can email the invoice (discussed in Step 3).

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