Invoicing Local SEO Clients for Leads

Invoicing small businesses for qualified leads (calls) is usually done on a monthly basis. This is more convenient for the business owner.

However, if one of your sites is generating a lot of income that you do not want to risk losing, you may want to send invoices every two weeks.

The due date can be set around 5 to 7 days from when the invoice is sent.

You can generate invoices and send them to business owners using either PayPal or Invoice Ninja.

Both have free options to send invoices where you are only charged for the payment processing fee. Invoice Ninja also has paid plans with more options.

For PayPal, first sign up for an account if you do not already have one. Then go to Tools at the top and click on Invoicing.

Fill out all the necessary fields on the form. List the number of qualified calls and the amount per qualified call agreed upon with the business over.

The total will be automatically calculated. Then you can click Preview or Send when finished.

Invoice Ninja has a User Guide explaining how to use their platform. You will also need to sign up for an account with the payment processor you want to use with Invoice Ninja .

Twilio Chart

In addition to sending the invoice to the client, the Twilio Calls Log chart should be emailed as well.

There are two ways you can send the Calls Log chart to the client. First, you can take a screenshot of the chart for that phone number in your Twilio account. The other way involves copying the data in the chart and pasting it into an Excel spreadsheet.

To access the Calls Log, login to Twilio and click on # in the left sidebar. Then select the phone number you are using for the client.

Next, click on the Calls Log tab at the top. Then select Incoming from the dropdown menu as shown in the example below.

Chart Image

Follow the instructions below to capture an image of the chart to send to your client.

Make sure you can view all of the calls from the month (or billing period) so that you can include all of them in the screenshot.

You may need to scroll down and minimize the browser screen to do this. To minimize the browser screen, hold Ctrl and press the button (may need to press multiple times). Later, hold Ctrl and press the number 0 to return the browser screen back to its original size.

If you are using a PC, hold down the Ctrl button and press the PrtScn button to take a screenshot of the chart in Twilio.

If you are using a laptop, hold down FN and press the PRTSC button to take the screenshot.

Now open Paint. Paste the screenshot into Paint by holding down Ctrl and pressing the V key.

Click the Select button at the top and select the chart except for the COST column as shown below.

Right-click the mouse in the selected area and click Copy to copy the chart.

Next, exit out of Paint, Don’t Save changes, and open up Paint again.

Paste the chart into Paint (Ctrl + V). The chart image should now look like below.

Last, save in Paint and name the image.

Chart in Microsoft Excel

Another way you can send the chart to your client is to copy and paste the data into Microsoft Excel. This may be the only option if you cannot fit all of the calls for the billing period into a screenshot.

First, highlight all the phone calls for the billing period in the Twilio Calls Log chart as shown below (also highlight the column headers). Then right-click on the highlighted text and click Copy.

Open Microsoft Excel and paste the data into the spreadsheet (Ctrl + V).

Now expand the columns to view the chart easier as shown below.

Since you don’t need the Cost column, select the Cost column by clicking at the top of the column, right-click in the area of the column, and then select Delete to remove it.

The finished chart should now look like below.

Save and name the spreadsheet before exiting.

As you can see in the example chart, only one of the calls was longer than 30 seconds. So if a qualified call has to be at least 30 seconds, only one of the calls would have been charged to the client.

You can now email the chart to your client.

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