Call Tracking for Local Lead Generation

You will need to setup call tracking if you are not using a Pay Per Call network. With call tracking, you can keep track of how many calls your websites are receiving. This will also allow you to bill your clients for the exact number of calls.

Just buy a number on Twilio (only $1 a month for a local number) and forward it to a local business in your niche. You can also use this as a selling point by letting the business know you’ve been sending them customers.

After creating an account in Twilio, click on the # symbol in the left sidebar. Then click on Buy a Number.

Make sure to use the correct area code when buying the number. Search other local businesses in your niche on Google and see what area code most of them are using.

Enter the area code in the Number box and click Search. Then pick a number and click Buy.

If your site is targeting an area outside of United States, Twilio supports several other countries as well.

Have your web designer put this phone number on your site. Be sure that the number is posted several times on the site and included in the header (at the top of the site).

The phone number posted in the header should be linked to so mobile users can click on it and their phone will automatically call the number. Here is an example below of it in HTML format.
<a href=”tel:+15555555″>(555) 555-5555</a>

You can have your web designer link the number.

Now to setup call forwarding in Twilio.

Call Fowarding

To get started, click on the with a circle around it. Then scroll down and under Tools click on </> Developer Center.

Then click on TwiML Bins at the bottom of the left sidebar.

Click + to add a new TwiML Bin.

Name the TwiML something you can remember it by, such as the niche and city you are targeting.

Then enter the following lines of code in the TwiML box as shown below. Replace the phone number with the number you want to forward the call to.

Click here to download the lines of code. Then copy and paste it into the TwiML box and replace the phone number.

Now go back to your phone numbers by clicking on # in the left sidebar. Click on the phone number you want to setup call forwarding.

Under the Voice section, there will be 2 boxes next to where it say A CALL COMES IN.

In the first box, change it from Webhook to TwiML. For the second box, select the TwiML Bin from the dropdown menu you want to use for that number.

Then click Save at the bottom to save it.


Setting up a whisper is optional. The purpose of a whisper is to let the business owner know the call is coming from you.

However, if you don’t have a business name (as mentioned in step 1), then don’t bother with using a whisper for now.

The whisper simply plays a short message that only the business owner can hear when he or she picks up the call. The message should be something short and simple like the following:
“Call from <Your Business Name>”

Also, there is no need to setup the whisper until after you have made a deal with a business owner. However, you should have the whisper media file ready ahead of time so you can set it up right away.

You can record the message yourself on your computer or hire a professional on Fiverr.

Just go to Fiverr and search for either a voicemail greeting or voice over gig. They will record the short message for only $5.

After you have the message recorded in MP3 format, you can upload it to your business site with FileZilla in the site folder. If you don’t have a business site, you can use Amazon Web Services.

You can sign up for an account at Amazon Web Services and get free services for a year for eligible products.

After signing up for an account, click on Services at the top and under Storage click on S3. Then click on Create Bucket and upload your MP3 file to it. Copy the Amazon URL where the file is located to use on Twilio.

If you have used your business site to upload the file, the URL will be your business site URL plus the name of the MP3 file ending with .mp3, such as below.

Now go back to Twilio to setup the whisper. You will need to go back to TwiML Bins.

Again, click on with a circle around it and then scroll down and click on </> Developer Center. Then click on TwiML Bins.

Click + to add a new TwiML Bin and add the line of codes below for the whisper (replacing the URL). Click here to download the lines of code.

Click Create to save it. Then click on the TwiML Bin you just created to go back to it.

Copy the TwiML Bin URL as shown below and then click Save.

Now you will have to go back and change the call forwarding TwiML Bin that was created for that site (or create a new one if you have been using a Pay Per Call network).

Make changes as shown below and change the URL to your whisper TwiML Bin URL that was copied earlier. Also, change the forwarding number to the business owner’s number. Click Save when finished.

You can also temporarily change the forwarding number in the TwiML Bin to your phone number to test it out and make sure the whisper is working. Then change it to the business owner’s number when finished.

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