Domain Buying for a Local Lead Generation Website

After finding a keyword that meets the volume and competition requirements, it is time to search for an available domain name to buy.

While there are many domain extensions to choose from nowadays, .com, .net and .org are still the most recognized and most trusted by people. Country code top-level domains (such as .us for United States or for United Kingdom) are also fine to use. Since we are looking to build a trusted site, one of these domain extensions should be used.

Exact Match Domains

Exact match domains (EMDs) do not carry any extra SEO benefit like they use to in Google. An EMD is the exact keyword used as the domain name. Such as in our keyword example from the previous module electricians loveland co, the EMD for this keyword would be (or another domain extension).

Since EMDs no longer carry an extra SEO benefit, we can focus on searching for a shorter domain that looks more like a business name.

However, we still want to keep the domain name generic. In other words, do not use a specific business name unrelated to the city or area.

For example, if we used something like, this would confuse callers when they call and are forwarded to a business with a completely different name (i.e. our client). This would also make it much more difficult to sell the site if you ever decide to sell it.

This is why Partial Match Domains (PMDs) are a good idea to use. They contain some of the keywords and are also general. In addition, they are attractive to buyers if you ever decide to sell.

Partial Match Domains

An example of a PMD would be where the state abbreviation is not included and electrician instead of electricians is used. This looks better to those visiting the site and more like a business name than

So here are some examples of domains we could use for the keyword electricians loveland co:

If all of those are taken, you could use electricians instead.

If all of the above are taken, you could then use an EMD.

For low competition keywords, one of the above domain options is almost always available. If all of the above are unavailable, that is a sign that it is not a low competition keyword and you should move on.

Buying the Domain

You are ready to buy the domain now that you have found a domain name available for your keyword.

Here are some recommended domain registrars to buy from:

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar and often has many coupons available to get large discounts on domains. Here are some site to check for GoDaddy coupons:

NameCheap has monthly promo codes here that you can use for discounted domain registrations.

NameSilo does not have many promotions compared to the other two registrars. However, their regular prices are quite low and they offer free privacy registration. Here is a $1 off coupon below when registering a domain with NameSilo for the first time:

Since all of these domain registrars provide good services, simply choose the one that is offering the lowest price.

WHOIS Information

WHOIS is an Internet service that finds information about a domain name, including the address, phone number and email of the person who bought the domain.

WHOIS protection, also referred to as privacy protection, is a service provided by domain registrars that replaces the WHOIS information to make it private.

There are several sites that provide WHOIS information, such as this one.

Google has access to this information. So if you had several sites registered in your name with the same information, this could obviously leave a footprint.

NameCheap has free privacy protection for the first year and NameSilo has free privacy protection for the life of the domain. On the other hand, GoDaddy charges for privacy protection at a regular price of $9.99 per domain. This can add up when purchasing for multiple domains.

Also note that having many domains with privacy protection could also possibly leave a footprint. Always try to mix things up and not do the exact same thing for all the domains you own.

This is why it is recommended to use unique registration info when registering domains with GoDaddy. It will not only save money, but also allow you to not have all your domains registered with privacy protection.

Domain Registration Information

You will eventually have to come up with unique information for your site when creating citations. This information can be used for your domain registration in GoDaddy.

To obtain this information, simply search for apartments in the area that your site is targeting. So for our example electricians loveland co, you would simply search Google for apartments in that area (i.e. enter apartments loveland co).

Then pick one of those apartments from those search results to use as your address information in the domain registration process. Many contractors use their personal addresses for domain registrations and citations anyway so there is no problem with this.

You can then use the phone number of the apartment and change around the last few digits to come up with a unique phone number. For the name, you can make one up yourself or use this site to randomly generate one.

GoDaddy Email Forwarding

You will need to have a working email for all the domains you register. You can use the same email for domains registered with privacy protection.

For the GoDaddy domains registered without privacy protection, you will need to use a different email for each domain to eliminate the risk of leaving a footprint.

Fortunately, GoDaddy includes with each domain registration a pack of 100 forwarding emails. This means that you can make up an email with your domain name in it and forward it to a working email.


So for our electrician example, let’s say we registered as our domain name. We could create the email in GoDaddy and forward that to any working email (such as an Outlook email).

Note: When buying a domain, you will need to make up an email and enter that during the registration process. Then go back and create the forwarding email after you have registered the domain.

To create a forwarding email in GoDaddy, go to the My Products section. Then click on the + beside WORKSPACE EMAIL to expand.

Next, click on the Set Up button as shown below:


A box will then pop up where you select your domain and then press the green Set Up button.

The box will then close. Click on the green Manage button next to WORKSPACE EMAIL to create a forwarding email.

Then click on the Create Forward button as seen below:


Next, enter an email with your domain name and then the working email you want it forwarded to. Click Create to finish the process as shown in the example below:


Note: As you can see in the example above, you have to select one of your domains where it says Plan. It is a good idea to use one domain for all of your forwarded emails. However, if you decide to sell or let the domain expire in the future, you will need to go back and change the plan for all the forwarded emails. This is why it is a good idea to use a domain that you do not plan on selling or simply purchase a domain for only this purpose.

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